1. DJ Quik feat. Christian Ford - WORLD GIRL EXPLICIT
    Album: Coming Soon
  2. DJ Quik feat. Christian Ford - WORLD GIRL RADIO
    Album: Coming Soon
  3. DJ Quik feat. Christian Ford and Nutra Sweet - WORLD GIRL EXPLICIT
    Album: Coming Soon
  4. DJ Quik feat. Christian Ford - WORLD GIRL INSTRUMENTAL
    Album: Coming Soon
  5. DJ Quik feat. Christian Ford - WORLD GIRL ACAPELLA RADIO
    Album: Coming Soon

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DJ Quik feat. Christian Ford



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Song Overview

The West Coast DON is back with his first single in 5 years. You heard us correct.... DJ Quik new single "World Girl" which features Christian Ford has the Quik sound we all Love.
Listen, Enjoy and Download this new track from fellow DJ Quik. Station & DJ Drops and Interviews upon your request. Feedback Appreciated.

DJ Feedback

THE OG is back bangin that west coast fire. Salute the DJ Q!!!

DJ Baby G, Colorado Springs

good track

jon maby, coventry uk

west coast banger, good for parties and mixshow... will use it in the "Street A&R Mixshow"

DJ King Flow, orleans, france


Djc / jammin.com.au, Melbourne/Australia



West coast banger to play at the major parties in the south...

DJ DreamKast, Houston

yes a slap! QUIK is back

Kingshawn, portland

Been waiting on a Quik hit

DJ Madhouse, Atlanta

Nice song

dj snake eyes, north carolina


3 Way Street Radio, Baton Rouge, LA USA

Love the record I will spin it on air tonight

Fingatipz, Knoxville/ TN


G-Squared, Las Vegas, NV

Nice song I’ll play it on darussandstewshow can we have an drop interview for the show 1.(you) when I’m in Harlem I’m chilling with Russ&stew from darussandstewshow 2.(you) this is name when I’m in Harlem I’m chilling with Russ&stew from darussandstewshow thanks you

DA RUSS & STEW SHOW, new york, NY, United States

will definitely it some spin up here in Minnesota .. send drops if you can lets do a 10 min interview via phone

DJ E-MONSTA, Minneapolis, MN

Dj Quik never lets us down!!

BabiboiOfU2DK, Hattiesburg MS USA

gets some love

DJ Yapartnerspatna, Missouri City, TX USA

Very hot track

DJ MAGGA-T, Mannheim, Germany

Hot song need drops and an interview for Da Russ N Stew Show harlem/Nyc

Da Russ N Stew show, NYC

Nice track with a catchy hook . Can I have a drop?

MP MARCUS, London , UK

good sounds

jon maby, coventry uk

Christian Fords vocals killed the effort for me. I will def spin the tarck cause the beat is early evening fresh and Quiks verse is quality. About to remix this and take off the singer to spin. Hook isn;t bad, just the execution. Sounds like A bootleg of a Quik joint that someone else if pushing . I am feeling the Suga Free verse though.

DJ Mark DiVita, Oak/SF/CA/USA


Dj Kenni Starr, France

Christian aint nate dogg and he makes this joint to be a average song when it could of been a classic

CoredjLA, phoenix/Az

Not bad. It started out a bit quiet, then it hyped up. I will give it a spin and see what happens.

DJ Mikey D, Brunswick, Maine

Christian Ford's vocals are weak and it drags down what could've been a decent record. Also, the mastering isn't top notch. I'm a big DJ Quik fan, but compared to other bangers in his discography, this is pretty mediocre unfortunately.

DJ Soulchild, Switzerland

Was looking for more a pop and bang from this track. Yes redo the intro with Snoop and make that intro a little more funkier. It will get played but in Medium Rotation..

Dj Big Kahuna, Detroit, mi

Dope track, I'm feeling' it!!!

DJ J-Boogie, SF/SD/Canada

This is a total change for him, but in a great way. This is going to be a BIG Song for him

Dj Strick, Santa Monica Ca


Big Reg, Dallas, TX USA

tuff vibe

2timez, boston

AWESOME...will put this in the mix!! www.krxmradio.com

DJ To Be Named Later, Fort Worth, Tx USA

The record is a certified banger in my book. I've already started to play it at my gigs once it dropped last week. What's the protocol for requesting a DJ drop from Quik? Thank you!

DJ Charles V., Los Angeles, CA USA

shout out quik always

nick catchdubs, New York

Love the vibes. Playing on my show on Monday at www.excitementradio.com Thank you

DJ Ben Hop, Miami FL USA

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D'Lyte, Pomona

I am game for some new DJ Quick. This bangs! Radio and female friendly. Nice groove. Hot!

D'Lyte, Pomona, CA

I like this. Send me a drop and I will include this on my show. I'm on two stations and all of my "re-podcasts" are on iheartradio. Great way to reach out to a new fanbase etc ya dig.