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Artist(s): Bloc Burnaz
Song(s): On Fire!
Producer: EXALT
Album: Mixtape
Version(s): Radio - Explicit - Acapella - Inst. - Bonus
Beats Per Minute: 70
Kilobytes Per Second: 320
Plays This Month: 39
Total Downloads: 536
Feedback Rating Average: 4.51 out of 5
Category: Rap Artist
Genre: Hip-Hop
Contact: Ms.Laquitta Davis (Manager)
Label: Bloc Burnaz Ent. llc./Bloc Burnaz llp
Region: Mid-West

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General Comments: Hello world. Its the rap duo Bloc Burnaz Baby, two normal everyday laid back cats that love to have fun. We are Artist above everything, very creative and true to ourself. Music is our life and our life is seen through our music. We stay in our own lane called Hip Pop Gansta Rap which covers the entire freeway. Check us out we got something for everybody!

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2013-06-04 18:22:00

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Bloc Burnaz

"On Fire!"

Blockz Radio from NY - Global: nice, flow is sick need radio drop asap
ClubMaster Steele from : Nice flow. Music/beat is on point.
Xcalibur from NYC USA: Pretty Good!
dj blogamatic from dc: this one is a banger
DJ Memba from : Swinging, Hot fire!!
DJ Raze from geneva: bang!
Big Dope P from Paris: <3 ill
Marshall-i from Nottingham City, England, UK: Traaapin...
Outlaw Mighty Me from London: Its ok
jumpin jack promo from marietta ga USA: Workable and ready for anytghing. good music
greetings from the desk of the Jack. Question BET weekend on the way. lots of real faces coming to town . Lots of ears in the streets radio clubs. Lets do a pre-weekend Radio Tour middle Georgia to Atlanta . Lets take two or three days.
> Radio Interviews / Remotes / High School FT BL games/ Let your budget become an investment for your artist future.
> Week Low Low $$ interested call 404-734-2989 ask for Wali
Dj Lance from : nice track
mike from : cool
DJ 2FOUR5 from St Pete FL: It's Cool...
D.J. G-Money aka Mr.Fo Stacks from Al: Hot
Mix Master Lee from San Antonio, Texas: This is HOT
DJ SIKWIDIT from South. Indiana: Nice flow!
djboxydee from Pacoima CA: COOL.
DJ STEW from St Louis: aight
djfondle from saint etienne france: good song from : NO DOUBT
djp from london: good song.
djverb from mississippi: Nice track. I will support it
DJ Rickie Ric from Des Moines: nice
djvee from Odessa: HOTTTT
Dj Frisco from Batesburg SC: This is hot
sabrina from Ny/Ny: very good
Dj Sido from Antioch Tennessee: smooth
DJ ZULU G from tampa,fl: kool
dj eric t from memphis/tn/shelby: STR8!!!!
Mr. Pay Attention from New York: Good Shit! I can get wit this
antonio from france: it's ok
DJ Femmie from NEW BRUNCWICK NJ 08901: HOT
DJ Big D from Silver Spring: Very Hot
Dj Dutam from Bruxelles/Belgium: cool
MP Marcus from Clapham: Good tune I will spin this track . Very good flow.
EDDIE KRUGA from midlands UK: hot hot as usual from the Bloc Burnaz
mr bgg from royston,ga usa: heat
MR. EUNDRE from BURLINGTON,NC: nice the inst and acapella.....will play
phlav from : good
DJ MacDoctor from Singapore: good
Alex Oshiro from Honolulu / Hawaii / U.S.A.: Good
Disastor from : i like this
i am going to rape this shit
with everything
but no chorus lol
dj dvhyne from : nice
DBK from New York: hot
Dj Kato from Kissimmee: Hot beat..will give spins and support
dj nonstop from columbus : good
Dj Gary Cannavo from Boston / MA USA: Different, I like it! from : crazy
Mas G from 07093: Hot
dj dex from Ludwigsburg: good
Dj Major from Detroit, Mi: beat is on point
DJ Mr Freeze from Davenport, IA: Tight track. Oh yea, i will support this.
DJ Damo from St Louis, MO USA: I will put into rotation on my radio show called We Live N Direct Radio hit me up on twitter we try and tweet when your music is played
mr bgg from royston,ga usa: beat goes hard
Jose from : sick
DJ Raze from Geneva: good
DJ 2FOUR5 from St Pete. FL: Its Cool.
Send drops to
djsocrazy from SOUTH PROV: BEATS KNOCKIN!!!!!! FIRE!!!!!
DJ FLIP from Dallas: nice
mike from : cool
DJ K.S from Perth: hot!
dj booboo from BEAUMONT: FIRE
dj black cat from Austin tex: jam
thedon from corby uk: will put in the mix cud u do me some drops pls
Stokey from Meridian/MS/US: hot
dj 2zo from toronto: hot
dj wong from Anchorage alaska: it is ok
DJ BIGG KEN-Dallas106hiphop from : nice record will to coast2coastdj's mixshow hour
G Dogg from detroit, mi, us: burner
djlaidback from dallas/texas: nice
bd garrett from york pa york: bang bang it's hot
dj dvhyne from : nice
dj ice from mexico: on fire baby,,,
Dj Big Stew from nyc: good
Outlaw Mighty Me from London: banging track
DJMRCS from Atlanta, Ga: Gonna spin it & see
Dj Lance from : nice track
dj greg robinson from sheffield / uk : not bad track but will take time to build
DJ Maca from Germany: Thanx for the Music!
Check me on Facebook/Myspace/Soundcloud!
DJ Maca / Macafella
Please send me PromoStuff like NameDrops!
My Name (DJ MACA) sounds like ChiefROCKA..ACApella-MACAfella , NOT like McDaniels..
Thanx in advance
djkj from atlanta/tx/us: hott
loof from japan: i like it
MR. EUNDRE from BURLINGTON,NC: niceeeeeee
shortyrokk from boston ma: nice
Sentoria Green from Los Angeles CA, 90250: nice on the air
DJ DREAMAKER from USA: YES''''''''''''''
DJ STEW from St Louis: fire track
DaJay from Heilbronn/ Germany: H O T
antonio from france: its' ok
DJ PAT Entertainment from Lawton, OK: Hot Club Joint, need a drop the Club and Mix Show on K98 Jamz
bIGG HOOD from newport News/Va/U.S.A.: hot
djp from london: kool tune.
dj nonstop from columbus : good
vielivell from : dope
DJ K.o.S from 26919 Brake: mji
Mix Master Lee from San Antonio, Texas: Nice track, giving it some spins, Need a drop
NeXplicable P from Atlanta, GA: nice track
kingshawn from minneapolis,mn: i like it
DBK from New York: hot
DJ Suave from Springfield, IL: Good work
DJ SIKWIDIT from South. Indiana: Hot track! I'll try this tonight! Any DROPS for DJ SIKWIDIT are appreciated!
djjd from canada: super
Dj Dutam from Bruxelles/Belgium: cool
Dj Sido from Port Charlotte Florida : Nice
John Barnes from : sweet
Dj Kenni Starr from France: HOT
Dj Kenni Starr from France: HOT
evolutionms from Brussels / Belgium: nice track, like it & will try to produced a killa remix to promote on a next mixtape... Cheers !
mikey don from toronto: nice
MP Marcus from London: nice track . I would love somw drops .
mrhardtimey from houston, tx: good beat
Alex Oshiro from Honolulu / Hawaii / U.S.A.: Good
@DJBig6 from Moore, Spartanburg, SC, USA: nice
Dj Buz from Vidalia, La: gonna be hot
DeeJayQuee from Manhattan,KS USA: this joint is nice I like the hook and the over all production I will support this project.
DJ SEKA from Germany: Will give it a try !!!
dj eric t from memphis/tn/shelby: nice cut!
fever from nyc: nce........
thedon from corby uk: will put in the mix cud u do me some drops pls
DJ Kevin Louie from Chicago, IL USA: Giving it some spins.
sabrina from ny/ny: very good
DJ Arawtic from Las Vegas, NV: This right here go hard in the paint! #SpinninIt
sabrina from ny/ny: very good
phlav from : good
DJ Big D from Wash. D.C.: Very Hot
djtony000 from planet earth: swingin'bass!...
djandy from stockton ca: this is a good beat for a club starter
Dj Doggy-Dogg from Greenwood, S.C.: Nice.
dj_jinxpalm from trinidad & tobago w.i.: good
djalvind from Columbus : cool
DJ MacDoctor from Singapore: cool..
EDDIE KRUGA from midlands UK: BAMMM!!!! love the intro...

some drop would promote your material further..will play on my radio show on NW radio USA.
djsocrazy from SOUTH PROV: HOTT
dj fagan from : like the beatz
lee bannerdj from england: this traks the bomb and defo on my playlist.... FoSho..
Big Dope P from paris: very nice
dark from new york n.y.: spinning this soon.
DJ Truly from Dallas/Austin: Feelin this
Multifarius from : cool
jammaster s from germany: banga need a drop !!!!
dj romey rome from : that's hot
djtraxta from : nice song
DJ Ed from Germany: will spin it
DJ Paul from Kealakekua: its ok
dj barry from Fayetteville,NC: ok,see how it do..
one from de: one beat like me
bones from : ok ok
uncle-mike from : Nice