1. Sly Rankin ft Jigsy King - Marijuana Obsession EXPLICIT
    Album: Coming Soon!
  2. Sly Rankin ft Jigsy King - Marijuana Obsession RADIO
    Album: Coming Soon!

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Sly Rankin feat. Jigsy King

Marijuana Obsession


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Song Overview

Solja Life Records, Inc releases new single from artist Sly Rankin "Marijuana Obsession" featuring artist Jigsy King. Song is produced by Keton Cole and video is currently available via Youtube. Marijuana Obsession is a new Marijuana tune by dancehall veteran Jigsy King and Sly Rankin. It’s a feel good reggae marijuana tunes for your listen pleasure. If you’re in the mood to listen to a great reggae marijuana tune... sit back... light one up... then press play!!

DJ Feedback


Dj Hydish, Monroe, NC USA

this is fire

DJ no1, Austin, TX USA

good reggae is coming back

dj captain celsius, ORLANDO

fire indeed

Dj BME, Plymouth, NC USA

it's an ok track. I wasn't expecting the rapping.

Dj Dubb, El Paso, TX USA

Bun it all day, bun it all night!!!

D'Coach, Scarborough, Trinidad and Tobago

reminds me of Mad Lion. dope will spin.

dj dark, New York


DJ DocRan, Orangeburg, USA


Jammin Tee, Waynesboro


Dj Fuji Five, Middletown, DE USA

DOPE!!! We will be adding this track into our rotation. In the meantime download our app or ask your smart speaker to play ENDP Radio. "We Are The Cyber Station!" endpradio.com

DJ C-Mac, Dallas

Yes... IRIE!!!

DjJazzMagic City Cleveland, Cleveland

Good track put together very well. Would it be possible I can get a drop for me and the radio station that I am on?

MP Marcus, London , UK

I am loving this track!!! Please hook me up with a shout out version for my Radio shows and gigs!!

Subaholic's, London, England


D.J. Slickk, Atlanta,Ga.



rocka, when the club opens back up I will rock that!


Gonna play all year! send dub plates if ya can

DJ E-MONSTA, Minneapolis, MN

brilliant tune!

denco, birmingham

I Like It

Derrick Stoutamire, Upper Marlboro

It started off hard then waivered off

djblaxx, atlanta/ga/usa

Original Dub sound. I'm digging it, I can spin it easily!

Moose Harris, Lafayette, La *Syndicated Internationally*