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Oboy Lo


  1. Oboy Lo - Fell In Love - FINAL MIX
    Album: Sideshow
  2. Oboy Lo - Fell In Love (edited)1
    Album: Sideshow

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DJ Feedback

Can i get a dj drop?

DJ BudOlYella, El Dorado, AR USA

It's a trendy record. A visual would be needed. Mixtape and podcast worthy.

Dj HeadBussa, Tampa

Cool record. Got that radio sound to it. Mix is good, sounds like it could be mastered.

DJ Seizure, Miami/Ft Lauderdale, FL

Dope track, relevant to what people want to hear. KC BeatMonsta always comes hard with the production.

TampaMystic, ATL


echia F Baby, KY/TN

Cool record. Good mix. Good beat. Didn't snatch my ear. Content, flow, and beat sounds too familiar.

Tony Davis The DJ, Dothan, AL USA

good tune

DJ Jammy.D (Da Hub Radio), UK

Dope track! I'm fucking with it. Added it my personal iTunes/AppleMusic.

MzOnPointPromo, Ocala, FL USA


DJ Big 6, Spartanburg, SC USA

Dope song and would l will be putting this on a upcoming mixtape. Plus I would a drop.

Royal Made, Atlanta, GA USA

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