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Larry Byrd

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    Album: Coming Soon
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    Album: Coming Soon

street hip hop musician with clever rhymes and unique song concepts

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DJ Feedback

nice track

DJ Partytyme, Birmingham, AL USA

great mixtape track

Chill Will, Valdosta Ga

Decent vibe, mixtape / mixshow song

TampaMystic, ATL

Cool record, got a mixtape vibe to it. not something for the club. hook is ok could be better, not sure if its the mix or the singing.

DJ Seizure, Miami, FL

Cool record. I like the feel of the record. Worthy of mixtape play, some club play. Well put together as far as the mix.

Tony Davis The DJ, Dothan, AL USA

Hot Track...Can I get a radio drop?

DJ CMac, Dallas, TX

Pretty good beat, raps are smooth. Something about it has replay value. I think it could be the chemistry of the elements of the track, right down to the lyrics. Very deliberately produced. Might be glossed over by some, but I dig it.

megrov, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

okay track

DJ Sammy Jammy, Miami Beach, FL USA

I have a Radio show that is on two radio stations and the re-podcasts are on iheartradio. I will get this on it. Send me a drop for full impact and interaction with your fanbase ok?



DJ Big 6, Spartanburg, SC USA

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