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Shit Yea

  1. Kevo Sabe - Shit Yeah (Dirty)
    Album: Possessed
  2. Kevo Sabe - Shit Yeah (Radio)
    Album: Possessed

Louisiana Rapper Kevo Sabe drops single called #ShitYeah off his mixtape #Possessed

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DJ Feedback

nice track

DJ Partytyme, Birmingham, AL USA

This go HARD!

DJ BIg Daddy House, Chicago

I like this. Send me a drop and I will include this on my show. I'm on FOUR stations and all of my "re-podcasts" are on iheartradio, Spotify, & ITunes. Great way to reach out to a new fanbase etc ya dig

DJ MINGO, Atlanta, GA, USA, GA United States

Da homie Kevo wit da heat! 337 stand up!

DJ KSin, Lafayette, LA USA

Fyre track to get them going crazy!Need a Drop for a mix….

DJ Dredz, detroit

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