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  1. Diegoo - TrapGod
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  2. Diegoo - TrapGod (Clean)
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When you’re born into an environment where hustling is your way of survival, you do what’s needed to make sure you never starve. In a world where you’ve been told you were born to lose, comes a motivation to only win.
Diegoo knows what this life is like and being from Atlanta GA, he understood he had to hustle to live, grynd to win the true definition of “TrapGod”. As a hustler you rely on your customers and the reup, the streets are ugly but to a God its an money maker.

Diegoo puts this in perspective by linking up with producer Kyle Junior to bring the industry “TrapGod”. This is where he talks about what’s needed for him to get it and nothing will get in the way of making that happen. A Boss can only communicate with other Bosses which is why it was perfect to land on Boss Up The Label.

Lyrically he goes in, but you must hear it yourself, an even better idea is seeing the visual available on YouTube now.

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