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Tweety Deff


  1. Tweety Deff - Miracle
    Album: Single - Miracle
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‘Miracle’ basically talks about Christian Faith and trust in God to Provide. And the hardships and thought process of an everyday street Christian This topic is kind of out of character for a New York rapper. Although rappers like DMX, Kanye West and Mase have made a number of Christian songs...It is not something you hear everyday. Contact: kalashnikovrecs@gmail.comPhone - (917) 410-5715

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DOPE!!! We will be adding this track immediately into our gospel morning rotation. In the meantime download our app or ask your smart speaker to play ENDP Radio. "We Are The Cyber Station!"

DJ C-Mac, Dallas

Nice song

Bamm Bamm Da Dj, Richmond, VA USA

nice track!

DJ Dredz, detroit

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