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King Buckley ft. EMC Scotty

Too Playa

  1. King Buckley ft EMC Scotty - Too playa
    Album: Coming Soon
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  2. King Buckley ft EMC Scotty - Too Playa [clean]
    Album: Coming Soon
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One of the biggest ways to appeal to real fans in the music business is to aim for the female passion. Give her something to grab on to musically and she will be your fan forever.

King Buckley understands this truly and his focus is making sure his lady catches a Vibe. The lifestyle, the fantasies, the drip that comes along with intimacy gives us his single "Too Playa"

Produced by King Gas, King Buckley also links up with EMC Scott to bring her sexy vibe to the track. Imagine the experience of an artist who comes from Las Vegas, Miami & Chicago the Vibe you get is versatile and "Too Playa" says it all.

To be a Boss you got to be a King and who better than King Buckley to show a Queen what kind of Vibe she can have with him. Listen for yourself it takes on a life of its own.

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BANGER!!! We will be adding this track immediately into our rotation. In the meantime download our app or ask your smart speaker to play ENDP Radio. "We Are The Cyber Station!"

DJ C-Mac, Dallas

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