1. Ballout - Ballout (Exlicit)
    Album: SINGLE
  2. Ballout - Ballout (Radio)
    Album: SINGLE

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Song Overview

This is a story about my life and how I grew up and how life has changed I use to hang out with my boys almost every day and some of us don’t even keep in touch with eachother anymore, as we got older we grew apart but that’s how life goes sometimes , gotta focus in on your own life and keep going 

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What's Going On, I Check Out Ya Joint, And I Lovin The Vibes you bring, I Can See Myself Dropping This On My Radio Show And Also In The Clubs And Parties Where I'm DJing, I Need A Little Favour From Your Side, If You Can Do Us A Few Jingles, If that's Cool With Ya, FIRST JINGLE YOUR NAME YOUR LOCATION Every Thursday Catch JSharkz & DJRedz Live At Cirque 8PM Till 2AM Every Friday Catch JSharkz & DJRedz Live At Phoenix Bar from 9 PM Till 2:30 AM Every Sundays Catch JSharkz & DJRedz Live At Catch Bar From 8PM Till 1AM LAST JINGLE YOUR NAME YOUR LOCATION You are Now Rocking With The Hottest Squad DJREDZ, JSharkz, Jon Dubaya & Xavr Thanks For All The Love, Also, Send Us More Music ETC To Our E-mail iam_sharkz@hotmail.com Thanks Again Peace & Love JSharkz.

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