Updated 10/04/2020

***VirDiKO PRO FAQS***

What Is VirDiKO PRO?

On October 1st, 2020, VirDiKO.com released VirDiKO PRO which is a subscription required access that empowers subscribing DJ’s with additional features such as Express Downloading Capability (Rate & Go), Exclusive Weekly Releases, Discounted or Complimentary Admission to Official VirDiKO Events and the ability to upload up to (3) three songs and/or custom remixes to the popular VirDiKO Music Library.

***VirDiKO PRO FAQS***

What is the PRICE for a VirDiKO PRO Subscription?

Good News…VirDiKO PRO is affordably priced at only $10 per month with a convenient auto-pay feature.

I. What does VirDiKO mean?

VirDiKO is the abbreviation for Virtual Distribution KOmpany. VirDiKO specializes in Global Online Music Promotion to Professional DJ's & Entertainment Industry Professionals.

II. What type of files should I upload for VirDiKO music promotion services?

VirDiKO only accepts MP3 files (Preferably 320 kbps) for music and JPEG files for photos.

***IMPORTANT*** For best results, your MP3 Files should be professionally Mixed & Mastered and converted to 320 kbps quality before uploading to VirDiKO. ***IMPORTANT***

III. What does VDG mean?

VDG is the acronym for VirDiKO Database Group which is the entire VirDiKO network consisting of Disc Jockeys, Radio Program Directors, Record Company Executives, Artist & Repertoire Teams, Entertainment Industry Stakeholders etc,

IV. How long after I submit my information and payment to VirDiKO will my project be promoted?

After payment completion, your promotion will starts within 3 business days. Contact The VirDiKO office for specific release dates.

V. How do Disc Jockeys, Radio Program Directors, Record Company Executives, Artist & Repertoire Teams, Entertainment Industry Stakeholders etc, contact me if they are interested in my project(s)?

It is the VirDiKO Client’s full responsibility to input accurate contact information when submitting project(s) to be promoted.  All of the information whether email address, phone number or other contact information will be included in the clients VirDiKO email campaign. Clients will also be contacted directly via email through the VirDiKO Integrated Feedback System.

VI. How long will my project stay in the VirDiKO Library?

Permanently or until our client request a music project to be removed.

VII. How many mp3 files for my music project may be uploaded and available for download/distribution?

Currently our clients can upload up to EIGHT (8) mp3 files that will be available for download/distribution.

VIII. Can I choose 8 different songs or does it have to be the same song with different versions?

It is our client’s sole discretion on which eight songs are chosen to upload for distribution.  Due to our extremely diverse network of Disc Jockeys, Radio Program Directors, Record Company Executives, Artist & Repertoire Teams, Entertainment Industry Stakeholders etc, VirDiKO strongly recommends that our client’s focus on a single project and submit multiple versions such as Radio, Explicit, Instrumental, Acapella Radio, Acapella Explicit, DJ Intro Radio, DJ Intro Explicit and/or a Remix.  

IX. I can not locate/find the download link for a particuplar music project in the VirDiKO Library?

Some of the music projects listed in the VirDiKO Library REQUIRE DJ Feedback & Rating before the "GREEN" download link is displayed.

X. How do I convert my CD or Wave File to an MP3 and/or Bitmap file to JPEG to be VirDiKO ready?

Important: MP3 conversion settings should be: Sample Rate of 44,100 Hz with Stereo Audio Bit Rate of 320 kbps. VirDiKO does not recommend any MP3/JPEG converter over another as there are many options to choose from. Many file converter programs can be located, downloaded and/or purchased via the internet. Simply visit any popular Web Search Engine and search for "MP3 Converter" or "JPG Converter".

XI. What is the Pricing for the VirDiKO Library Listing/Link and Music Promotions?

For current VirDiKO Music Promotion pricing click on the Pricing Tab at the top of this page.

XII. What is the VirDiKO Music Library Listing and Download Link Service? Effective 1/1/2011

This service is designed to allow artists to simply post their music project (up to 8 MP3s) inside of the VirDiKO Music Library and also receive a unique download weblink that can be forwarded to their personal and/or company database. This service option is eligible for Review, Feedback, Downloading & Tracking by VirDiKO subscribers.

XIII. What is the Pricing for the VirDiKO Music Library Listing and Download Link Service?

The pricing for the VirDiKO Music Library Listing and Download Link Service is affordably set at $100 per VirDiKO Library Listing.

XIV. What is the maximum MP3 file size for uploading?

Music file (MP3) size is limited to 12MB per MP3. If your song is greater that 12MB, please contact the VirDiKO office @ 1.214.550.0561

XV. How much does VirDiKO charge for additional email blasts after my package allocation has been met?

The price to resend a previous VirDiKO campaign is affordably set at $150.

XVI. What is a VirDiKO Service Pack Weblink?

A VirDiKO Service Pack Weblink is one single weblink that can be forwarded electronically to DJ's and Entertainment Industry Professionals that ultimately directs them to your VirDiKO profile and music single. A Service Pack normally includes Radio, Club, Instrumental, DJ Intros and Acapella versions of the music project.

XVII. How many times will my music project blast to the VirDiKO database?

Effective 1/1/2011, The VirDiKO basic promotion package includes two (2) email campaigns which will be scheduled upon full payment receipt.

XVIII. What is VirDiKO Mobile?

On October 1st, 2011, VirDiKO Mobile was successfully activated. VirDiKO Mobile is a scaled-right version of the traditional VirDiKO website and is automatically accessible via Mobile Devices such as Cell Phones, I-Phones, Web-Based Phones, I-Pads, Tablets, etc. VirDiKO Mobile provides users all of the same powerful features & benefits offered on the traditional website but now from the convenience of their mobile device.

XVIX. How much does the Banner Advertisement postings cost on the Music Player?

VirDiKO is pleased to offer high impact & highly visibility Banner Advertising directly on the Music Player pages. Your creative graphic will be displayed on all Music Player pages throughout the extensive VirDiKO Library. All Banner Ads can be linked directly to your website/web URL. Introductory VirDiKO Banner Advertising Rates are as follows (Expires 06/30/2014): 1 - Weekly Banner Advertising: $100, 1 - Monthly Banner Advertising: $300, 1 - Quarterly Banner Advertising: $800, Annual Rates: Contact VirDiKO for more details.

XX. What is the VirDiKO ToP SpOt?

VirDiKO ToP SpOt is a popular feature that allows clients to showcase their music project at the ToP of every page the VirDiKO Library for a selected period to gain maximum exposure by visiting DJ's. The VirDiKO ToP SpOt price is $100 per week.

Updated 10/04/2020