1. Erick Tandy ft Dame Debias - Bandonia (Dirty)
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Erick Tandy ft Dame Debias



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Song Overview

Do you have bands? Are you suffering from feelings of high anxiety when dealing with others? If so then you may be suffering from #BANDANOIA!!!! Check out Bandanoia by Erick Tandy ft Dame Debiase

DJ Feedback



Clubs & mixtapes will be a good outlet Good flow

TampaMystic, Atlanta

Mixtape ready. Beat banging for sure. I want hear more

DJ Shalamar, The South/Fl/US

It's a cool record, sounds like the hook needs to get mixed down a little bit more. Something for mixtapes or to introduce your self. Don't see this going into the clubs or radio. I can see this record moving more as a street record but not a main single.

Jose Marti, Miami/ Ft Lauderdale

i like the beat.. it hs it own flow. mixtape placement. not a single

miss ep ciara, orlando

I like the beat and flow. Mixtape ready

Tony Davis The DJ, Dothan

This song sounds dated like it's behinds a year or 2 I can't see this track doing to much besides getting a little play in hood spots

Enferno, Minneapolis, Mn

Hot record for streets & mixtape

djhypemancrunk, Tennessee

need the clean

DJ Partytyme, Birmingham, AL us

nice track

DJ Partytyme, Birmingham, AL us

sound good

DJ Sammy Jammy, Miami Beach, FL USA

dope track .. super excited to help service it.. Djs if you need the clean version or instrumental please hmu at echia101@gmail.com and ill get it to you.. thanks for checking it out... #theybopwenetwork

Ms Echia, KY/TN

BANG IT!!!!!

Tokey, Hopkinsville, ky, US

Hot Track, Need A Clean And Instrumental

DJ Murdock, Indpls, In. U.S.

Super dope

Antonio, Hopkinsville KY


Maurice Walton, Hopkinsville,Kentucky, United States

Great song

Erick Tandy, Hopkinsville, Ky. USA

I have “TWO” shows, one is on NLD RADIO (TUNEIN) called "The Grind Show", and the other is on Virdiko Global Radio. To be apart of this peep it: Send me a drop Drop Script: Whuts good this is (you) and when im in Atlanta im tuned into The Grind Show with dj mingo. (once you say that, you can briefly shoutout your social feeds etc) Your track will be uploaded with, and without the drop, added to our rotation, and included in our mixtape series.



Dj Kenni Starr, France