1. Yung Dubey - Came Up (Dirty)
    Album: Coming Soon!
  2. Yung Dubey - Came Up (Clean)
    Album: Coming Soon!
  3. Yung Dubey - No Flockin Remix
    Album: Coming Soon!

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Yung Dubey

Came Up + No Flockin Remix


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Song Overview

Coming out of Memphis Tennessee, Yung Dubey is one if the most anticipated artists to hit the music scene. Checkout his track "Came UP", support and feedback is appreciated.

DJ Feedback

Will play

DJ SIR JAMM ( ORIG) from DELAWARE, Wilmington, DE, USA


Dj kcking, Fort Wayne

nice track

DJ Partytyme, Birmingham, AL us

good mixtape track


Dope. Good for mixtapes and the streets. Need a dope visual to paint the picture.

Tony Davis The DJ, Alabama

I like this track. Def a mixtape street track. Link up. Let's work

DJ Shalamar, The South/Fl/US

Mixtape track good street music

Kay Black, Jacksonville Fl

Definitely a mixtape & Street record

djhypemancrunk, Tennessee

I like the hook and the productions, sounds like everything thats out now. Mixtape/Streets heavy.

Dj HeadBussa, Tampa

Great mixtape track


I like the record. Good feel to it but I really was looking for more story telling.

T.U.C.K, Savannah Ga

Good for a mixtape,street music

missep_ciara, Orlando fl

Good for a mixtape,

missep_ciara, Orlando fl

in heavy rotation on the morning show, great mixtape track, something for the streets

kingpin, atlanta

fire this that yellow....!!!! got ready for sat. 6th hip-hop radioshow 96.5 FM 8-12pm mountain time so call 575-391-9650

..S.U.E., Se, New Mexico - Sw, Texas USA

trap heat....drops are appreciated...djroncainz bringing that new new!

djroncainz, Hillsboro, Or

This Is A Trap Banger

DJ Murdock, Indpls, In. U.S.

banger!!! Send a drop and mention 94.2 blazin in the drop. Follow us on twitter @942blazin



Dj Kenni Starr, France

This single has heat!

DJ Kels, lawrenceville