1. Morra GZ-ChoppaLuLaByez-MAIN
    Album: The Uncelebrated Pioneer (The History Of Harlem Hip Hop)

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The Uncelebrated Pioneer (The History Of Harlem Hip Hop) Cover BIG STEW ENTERTAINMENT Logo


Morra GZ



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Song Overview

DJ Big Stew Drop New Single For His New Artist Morra Gz Morra Gz 19yr. old Rapper, songwriter born and raised in Harlem New York always loved writing and creating stories developed her unique rap style growing up in the streets of Harlem. Working with producers from Harlem and Brooklyn her new project is about to hit the streets and shake the whole industry up like a storm. Her dope lyrics and catchy hooks will surely draw you in, have you out your seat bumping your head.

Produced by : @BeatsbyIZAK

Label/Production Name : BIG STEW ENTERTAINMENT

DJ Feedback

Not feeling this song at all. Lyrics and hook is weak and the track didnt help. The potential is there, keep working

Bamm Bamm Da Dj, Richmond, VA USA


DJ BIG STEW, new york


DJ MILKU, denver