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Song Overview

Rob Jones

Rob Jones is a multi-talented musician, singer, and songwriter who was born and raised on the South side of Chicago.  At the age of 10, he was struck in the head by a stray bullet which caused him to lose his sight immediately.  Rob was introduced to music by his teacher who was also blind at Skinner Elementary School, and that’s where his love for music began.  Rob Jones became skilled in all genres of music; from classical to jazz to R&B to contemporary.  Even through the losses he endured, Rob never allowed his blindness to affect how he lived his life because most of his difficulty from being blind comes from forgetting he’s blind.  Rob doesn’t see himself as a blind man and doesn’t want anyone else to treat him that way.  Rob moved to Atlanta to further his music career in which he met and worked with a lot of top producers.  Rob Jones is ready to let the world hear his immense talent with the release of his soulful, gritty, and emotional single “Cold” under Blackground Records 2.0.  Be prepared for greatness because that’s exactly what Rob Jones will bring to the music industry.

DJ Feedback


dj black cat, austin

nice jam

thaxclusive1, Oswego


Jaycool Dj, FL

Really feeling this track. Put his heart and soul into this track.

Phinesse, Baltimore, MD USA

Nice vibe. Smooth.

DJ L BooG, Detroit


Dj Potna, Dallas


Mr.Bigg, Royston, GA USA

Nice slow jam!

DJ Smithsonian, Houston, TX

tight quiet storm rotation

DJ SHAUN, charlotte, nc

Nice Track!!

DJ Savage, Monroe, LA


DJ DEF JAMS, houston

very soulful dope!

DJ LOW, Wichita Falls


Antuan Johnson, houston


j black cat, austin


Peacekeepa, London, United Kingdom


Jeff Lee, Memphis

Nice Nice



Dj Ron Smooth, LaPlata, MD USA

another one!

@dj_airtight, stockholm


DJ T.ON.Y. Talk.Of.New.York., Tampa Fl USA

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Quiet Money Radio, Starkville, MS USA

Nice Smooth Vibes Very Nice

Bushmanuk, London


DJ DocRan, Orangeburg, USA


dj fagan, Bristol ( England )


Mack Daddy, S'port


MattyGee, Beckley, WV USA

This jam is cold!!!

L Dub The Great, New Orleans,La,USA

This IS A Nice Smooth Track, The Ladies Will Love This

DJ Murdock, Indpls, In. US


dj fagan, England ( Bristol )

Nice and cool r & b

princesio, Brooklyn


DJ 3D, London, UK

Nice track

Dj Kato, Kissimmee, FL


Dj Kenni Starr, France


Mr.Bigg, Royston, GA USA


Dj Dutam, Rixensart/Belgium


Brett Costello, Australia

I Like It

Derrick Stoutamire, Upper Marlboro

Will review further for servicing to our DJs

FRP Live, US

Great song! Musical, melodic, soulful, classic.

Jamsta, Basseterre, St. Kitts-Nevis

Smooth R & B...YES

DJ Blauwave, Oakland, CA USA

Quality R&B...going into rotation!

D Major, San Antonio, TX


DJ Big 6, Spartanburg, SC USA


a, c

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JSharkz, London, United Kingdom


DjFadal78, Canada