1. Wiz Khalifa feat. Tyga - Contact EXPLICIT
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    Album: Coming Soon!

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Wiz Khalifa feat. Tyga



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Wiz Khalifa feat. Tyga - Contact

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kickin track

dj captain celsius, orlando

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Mel, Manhattan


djblacksc, Springfield Missouri


DJ DocRan, Orangeburg, USA

Everything Tyga touches is a club banger...

DJ Rolo, Tampa, FL USA


dj b love, sc


Dj Ron Smooth, LaPlata, MD USA

Nice Banger

Mr.5th The DJ, Tampa/St.Petersburg, FL U.S.

Good club song

TwentySpinz, Dallas, TX USA

I like this song. Downloading it now

Lex Luga, Jackson, MS United States

Good music from them as always

Dj Ray, New Orleans, LA USA

This is a KILLAH! Dope ass song!

DJ Yapartnerspatna, Missouri City, TX, USA

This banging

DiJital, Kingstown, St. Vincent & the Grenadines

This jam is Bomb! Dope track! Fire!!

Dj Wayne, Phoenix


Mr Flea, Texarkana, TX USA


Lady T, Tuscaloosa, AL USA


Djeren, indonesia


Dj luigi, Bizert

Love It Need Drop And Interview When nIm In Harlem Im Chilling With Dj Big Stew On Beef Stew Radio



DJ Dredz, detroit