1. India.Arie - Crazy RADIO
    Album: Coming Soon!

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Song Overview

Soul Bird / BMG presents the new single by India.Arie titled "CRAZY".

DJ Feedback

i'm loving the vibez, And would Love To Give This Some Airplay . My Name Is JSharkz I'm A Radio DJ For #UDL #UKDefenceLeague. I Play For SynodicSounds Every Thursdays & Saturdays 10 PM Till 12 AM UK & 5-7 PM EST . And We Would Love To Get Drop If Possible, 1) Saying Your Name 2) Your Location )3 Bigging Up JSharkz, UDL UK Defence League

JSharkz, London


Mistamixx DJ Jay-R, Lackawanna, NY USA

Perfect to switch vibes, bring it to another dimension

Ras Diplo, London


Dj Ron Smooth, LaPlata, MD USA


Dj Grand Set, Philadelphia, PA

Perfect for down tempo mix

djfrresh, chicago



Ok something slight from here. been a long time since I've heard anything from here. good stuff right here

dj shy-boogie, DMV


siR jam, Nola, Dtown , ATL

Perfect for down tempo mix

DJ Steve Jenks, St. Louis, MO USA

Good to hear new powerful music from India!

Vic_Legend, Nigel, South Africa

Great Chilling Song

Sum U Remember, Houston, TX USA

Nice website

DJMC, Portsmouth

Dope Original Song!

DJ Big "A", South Amboy, NJ USA

Nice & smooth

Mr Flea, Texarkana, TX USA

Smooth groove!!!

DJ Mad EFX, Memphis, TN USA

oh yea power!

Dj Dredz, detroit

Your voice is smooth as silk! You never disappoint! It would be awesome if I could get a drop & also my brother Anton Nesbitt has played bass with you before! Keep up the GR8 work & giving us the GR8 music!!!


Nice & Smooth!!! ORIGINAL and always India.Arie!!!

DJ CoolIceWater, Ft. Walton Beach, Fl

India, you always come through with the fresh grown folk vibez. Keepin' the real alive. I wanna have a cocktail and...…. luvin' this one.

DJ Dub 3, Clarksville, TN

Nice track. It's her sound. I like it.

DJ E-MAC, Louisville, KY USA

this is an okay song - she has done better than this.

denco, birmingham