1. Posa Rubberband OG - Even Better [dirty main] MSTR1_320k
    Album: 2 Sides Of Da Bottom
  2. Posa Rubberband OG Even Better [clean main] MSTR1_320k
    Album: 2 Sides Of Da Bottom
  3. Posa Rubberband OG - Even Better [8bar mixshow] - MSTR1_320k
    Album: 2 Sides Of Da Bottom

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Posa and Rubberband OG



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Song Overview

With Posa hailing from Mobile, AL and Rubberband OG carrying Montgomery, AL on his back, it was only right that these two Think It’s A Game Records artists collaborated. Bouncing ideas and melodies off of each other to make a strong cohesive project with a diverse subject matter that reflects both artists, 2 Sides of Da Bottom was born. The breakout hit, “Even Better” shows the duo alternate back and forth showcasing their unique talents all while blending together at the same time. you’re on, we’re on it.”
“On the project, you get both of our sides of one story,” says Posa, “We are two different artists. We have two different styles, and deliveries, but we still come together to make one solid project. We both are from the very bottom, and we’re giving you two sides of it.”

The mixtape released February, 21st of this year.

DJ Feedback

The Shit is HOTT!! We will put in in rotation on our Online Radio Network Yale Radiocast www.yaleradiocast.com Please send us a drop to yaleradiocast@gmail.com and contact us for an interview

D Yale, Atlanta, GA USA

Yeah man this jam hard as hell... Send drops. W3RadioTv We gone add to playlist

Wen Did It, TX

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Jammin Tee, Waynesboro

hot, need this on mixtape or mix show!

DJ BME, plymouth,nc



Not bad, will test. Will work in the clubs...

dj Gary C, Danvers, Boston

this that work

Dj Jam'on, Dallas, TX United States

Maaaaaaaan! This hard af!

DJ KSin, Lafayette, LA USA

this mf jam

iamdjslimgoody, Martinsburg, West Virgina usa

This hit!

SB, Dallas, TX

DOPE!!! We will be adding this track into our rotation. In the meantime download our app or ask your smart speaker to play ENDP Radio. "We Are The Cyber Station!" endpradio.com

DJ C-Mac, Dallas


DJ Dredz, detroit

I hope this song pop.....New vibe new flow shit....nice

Mr.5th The DJ, Tampa/St.Petersburg, FL U.S.


Dj Kenni Starr, France

Dope I need Drops And An Interview When IM in Harlem IM Chilling With DJ BIG STEW ON BEEF STEW RADIO



Derrick Stoutamire, Upper Marlboro


Dj V-Nyce, Douglas/Ga/USA


DJ Big 6, Spartanburg, SC USA