1. Excuse Me Lady
    Album: Coming Soon

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King Ajibade

Excuse Me Lady


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OTHER INFO: We added the original, acoustic and drum and bass version in the download link.

DJ Feedback

Nice pop track...

Ms Echia, KY/TN

Decent record, definitely a different sound and vibe. In the right market / audience I think it'll do good

TampaMystic, ATL

Good track. Got a few friends who do Afrobeats And world beats parties. Can you send me a drop introducing yourself and the single. Can def work this in pop demographics

Dj space age, Memphis

A record for radio it's something different


Not really my taste personally but I'll try it out

DJ Ms.Hypnotique, Memphis, TN/USA

this will down here in Miami

DJ Sammy Jammy, Miami Beach, FL USA

will give a few spins. Send a drop to 942blazin@email.com Say something like: "this is King AJIBADE, and right now you're listening my new single eXCUSE ME LADY right here on 94.2 Blazin Hip hop and r&b