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Feel Like Jumpman


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Song Overview

It was 2017 i was a 5th year sènior in college. My partner hit me up like listen to this beat write something for my cousin. I came up with a hook, kept it & was like I aint writing for anyone at this point. I drove to Atl met the Producer, got the paperwork & went from there. I was 22 going on 23. I litteraly felt like Jumpman, my life was moving upward. I’m a boss i was getting cheese, and some folks was hating...etc . In the song I Talked about What my life consist of, my out look & my desires.

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FIYA TRAACK!!! GIVE ME A DROP IF POSSIBLE ... SEND TO djicecold2u@gmail.com


i like it its being played

DJV, Duquesne pa usa

oh yea fresh….drop time!

DJ Dredz, detroit


DJ Big 6, Spartanburg, SC USA

Production is stellar!!

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