1. EZ Stevie feat. Davido & Tory Lanez - FYB RADIO
    Album: Coming Soon!
  2. EZ Stevie feat. Davido & Tory Lanez - FYB EXPLICIT
    Album: Coming Soon!
Coming Soon! Cover Cash Money Records / Republic Records Logo


EZ Stevie feat. Davido and Tory Lanez



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dope afrobeats can you send a drop to radioshooff@gmail.com adding to station.

DJ Mizery, Atlanta, GA USA

Banger Hot as F...!!!

shokka, Bmt, Tx

Already playing this track.

DJ TuMuch, Brampton,, Canada

Going oin to my AfroBeats playlist. Will play!!

DJ Randy G, Atlanta / GA / USA

Bangin' wit a Bopp to it.... Let's Go!!!!!

DJ Dub 3, Clarksville, TN