1. DaTBoYZ3L - Gekko ft Cero FTM (Explicit)
    Album: Dat Season
  2. DaTBoYZ3L - Gekko ft Cero FTM (Radio)
    Album: Dat Season

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DaTBoYZ3L feat. Cero FTM



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Song Overview

The word Gekko stands for long time . I’m just expressing what I’ve been doing for a long time which is this music . The lingo comes from an old saying my grandparents said or any other southern person . Original word is get go but I switched around to Gekko because that’s what it sound like specially if you have a southern accent. I’m known for having my own lingos anyway where I’m from so why not start making a record about it. After my conscious hit Danger, I needed something for the clubs or just to dance so here it is Gekko the club banger feat Cero FTM from Brownsville TN

DJ Feedback

Urban Hitz Radio - Hip-Hop and R&B - Yeah we definitely like the flow of dis one! Gekkoooo!

Urban Hitz Radio - Hip-Hop and R&B, Charlotte

FYE Joint

D.J. T-ROC(352), Gainesville, FL USA

We Will Be Playing This TONIGHT On Our Coast To Coast Wednesday Show 6pm-8pm CST QuietMoneyRadio.com

Quiet Money Radio, Starkville Ms


DJ Dredz, detroit


DJ Big 6, Spartanburg, SC USA

Cool joint! LONG TIME!!!!

VirDiKO Global Radio, DFW, TX USA