1. Shorty Mac - Get Down (Explicit)
    Album: Coming Soon!
  2. Shorty Mac - Get Down (Radio)
    Album: Coming Soon!

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Shorty Mac

Get Down


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Song Overview

Shorty Mac speaks about "Get Down" > I felt a lot of hate. It was pure envy, from friends. I got the beat “get down” and it immediately clicked.

DJ Feedback

dope. im putting you in rotation on my radio station wwww.dadajamzradio.com

Macksippi, Greenville, MS USA

its cool but this not the single

DJ Sleep Ez, Chesterfield, VA United States

Hot Song Need Drops And interview

DJ BIG STEW, harlem/nyc


DJ Big 6, Spartanburg, SC USA

I like it hot wont

orlando owus dj uncle al, orlando fl

strip club.. it works

DJ Holy Mecca, DFW, TX USA

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Quiet Money Radio, Starkville, MS USA

FYA!!! Heat Seeker!!!!!! Bang Bang Bang...Ride this wave fam. Keep Hype!!!

DJ Dub 3, Clarksville, TN


DJ BONES, Florence, SC, USA


DJ BONES, Florence, SC, USA

Banger Alert!!!

VirDiKO Global Radio, DFW, TX USA