1. Lee Wilson - Get Into It
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Lee Wilson

Get Into It


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Song Overview

Lee Wilson The 24 year old singer, songwriter, and performer from Boston, MA has been called the "Top Unsigned Artist in America" by Vibe Magazine (Jan '06 Issue). Lee Wilson is the real deal . No hype, No gimmicks, just THE TRUTH. Lee's music is a fusion

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i'm loving the vibez, And would Love To Give This Some Airplay . My Name Is JSharkz I'm A Radio DJ For #UDL #UKDefenceLeague. I Play For SynodicSounds Every Thursdays & Saturdays 10 PM Till 12 AM UK & 5-7 PM EST . And We Would Love To Get Drop If Possible, 1) Saying Your Name 2) Your Location )3 Bigging Up JSharkz, UDL UK Defence League

JSharkz, London

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I Like this. On the Radio in Vallejo, Ca called Ozcat Radio. Got any More promos. Hit Me.

monsho, Vallejo, Ca

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