1. MUNEY MIC - Get Some More (Explicit)
    Album: Coming Soon
  2. MUNEY MIC - Get Some More (Radio)
    Album: Coming Soon

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Get Some More


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Song Overview

This song "Get Some More" is something for the clubs and streets. This song was motivated by the hunger for success. Also, it's inspirational music that will have you wanting to multiply your grind.

DJ Feedback

Overall nice track but get it mix & mastered to strengthen the sound quality

DJ Sleep Ez, Chesterfield, VA United States

Cool record catchy hook! Can see it working in the strip clubs

Dj Seizure, Miami, Fl

Cool flow, maybe needs a mix/master, vocals need to be louder Overall good song

TampaMystic, ATL

It's ok maybe just a mixtape record Catchy Hook

Bola Akinyemi, California/Los Angeles/Phx

its an okay track, the hook is real catchy

kay Black, Jacksonville,Fl

I think it has potential. hook kinda catchy

Ms Echia, KY/TN

need drops and a interview

Da Russ & Stew Show, NEW YORK

nice track

DJ Partytyme, Birmingham, AL USA


DJ Big 6, Spartanburg, SC USA