1. Gyptian - Gimme Some RADIO
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Song Overview

3 months ago (approximately), Gyptian did a 'Live' engagement with VPAL on Instagram. The feedback from his fans pleasantly surprised the artist. He knew and knows that he is admired and respected, but, the outpouring of love humbly surprised him. The number one question asked: "when are you releasing new music?"

Since that Live, Gyptian has released new music, and today, he is releasing another single that we think will make your listeners happy, will make your playlist happy (hey, playlists have feelings too!) and will make your speakers happy - speakers only want to amplify good music!

"Gimme Some" is a feel-good love-ish song asking that the special lady in his life give him some of the good-good. Gyptian sings: "baby give me some / give me some / give me some of the ting weh can done / rain ah fall and me and you fih lock down / we nah move til dih sun come...."

Produced by A-Team Music.

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Da Weaterman, Memphis, Tn


dj adonis, Chambly

Nice going on upcoming mixtape

Dj BME, Plymouth, NC USA


Dj Grand Set, Philadelphia, PA

island vibes

DJ Mike20, Charlotte, NC USA

Hot Joint Need Drops And Interview When Im In Harlem I'm Chilling With Dj Big Stew On Beef Stew Radio


Real smooth DOPE!!

DJ Official, Hampton, GA USA


Djbillblast, USA, CT USA


DJ Holy Mecca, DFW, TX USA