1. Wizkid ft. Burna Boy - Ginger RADIO
    Album: Coming Soon!
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Wizkid ft. Burna Boy



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DJ Feedback

I can rock to this anywhere!!!

DJ Mad EFX, Memphis, TN USA

Excellent production

DJ LERBECK, Sacramento, CA. USA

i like

DJV, Duquesne Pa USA


Eric Omar Marin, Belize

Well, Whoo's dis? I like the feel to this trac. Hip shaker fo sure!

Overide II, Vernon, FL USA


Dj Ron Smooth, LaPlata, MD USA

To be totally honest AfroBeats is some of the best music coming out right now! You just have to have the right crowd for the vibes!!!! LOVE IT!!!!!

DJ1LUV, Memphis, TN USA

another hit for wizkid

denco, birmingham


Malcolm Masters, Maryland

This is FIRE!!! GROOVING!!!

DJ Cool Ice Water, Ft. Walton Beach, Fl