1. Lucas Cash - Greenlight Go (Mastered) (1)
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Lucas Cash

Green Light Go


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Song Overview

Eric "Lucas Cash" Lewis was born on December 26, 1987 in Pahokee, Florida and raised in Harlem, Florida, which is why he is also known as "Mr. Muck City." Lucas Cash is the second of three boys. He recalls that at the tender age of eight he chose the "rap game" as his path, stating, "I remember watching and saying to myself, 'I can do that,'" and he hasn't put his pen and pad down since! However, being raised by a single mother and absent father, his childhood was a struggle. He left Florida with his mother and younger brother in 2000. In 2011, Lucas Cash headed for Atlanta to live with his aunt. He worked to make ends meet while trying to take his career to the next level.
A couple years after moving to Atlanta, Lucas Cash discovered that he had a baby girl on the way. Sadly, before she could turn one years old, trouble in the streets forced him back to Florida. He continued to pursue his music dreams upon his return, and in 2015 he was approached by investor, Chris Goodman. Mr. Goodm

DJ Feedback

It’s a cool record... great mix on it

El Plaga, Memphis

Good sound quality, cool club banger

TampaMystic, atl

Production if dope Mastering was done well Energy is good Dope record

Djgcode, Greenville a

Cool record it will get some club play just keep pushing & working it

djhypemancrunk, Gates Tn USA

Dope record, got a nice feel to it. Could see this pushing at some clubs down here in dade and broward.

DJ Seizure, Fort Lauderdale

Your record is a fair single Sounds too much of what's just there It's something that Kan be for a Mixtape record.

Bola Akinyemi, Phoenix/California

dope track send us a drop and follow us so we can let you know when we will play https://twitter.com/942blazin



DJ Rapper D, Houston


DJ HanzDown, McKinney, TX USA