1. Dante Black - Half Brik (dirty)
    Album: N/A
  2. Dante Black - Half Brik (radio)
    Album: N/A

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Dante Black

Half Brick


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Song Overview

It's easy saying you're a trapper than actually doing it. Thats a very hectic life. These some of the REALEST and most TRAPPING words I ever spoke.

DJ Feedback

I like the sample. Streets and Mixtapes... Heavy!!

Dj HeadBussa, Tampa

Good record, Mixtapes & streets

TampaMystic, ATL

This record so puts me in the mind of Jeezy. This is dope and good for mixtapes.

DJ Ms.Hypnotique, Memphis,TN/USA

Dope record definitely rocking with the beat. Got a good vibe good bounce to it something for the streets and mixtapes. Definitely something i gotta put on my next mixtape. Kinda has the young jeezy old school vibe to it.

DJ Seizure, Miami, FL

Decent joint. Good for mixtapes. Good club start up record. Not too sold on it as a single.

Tony Davis The DJ, Alabama

Long Intro...... Kinda "Jeezy Style" that's not a bad thing. Great Hustler Music!

Bigg V, USA/Europe

Good mixtape track , nice lyrics

Kay Black, Jacksonville fl

Man I like this . Need a drop

Evryting Criss, DurhamNC

Hot record for the streets & mixtapes

djhypemancrunk, Tennessee

Hot record for the streets & mixtapes

djhypemancrunk, Tennessee

cool record, in the studio with some females .. they all felt the record.. Should do well on mix tapes..

tall reek, DMV-Balt

Hot will spin a few, send a drop mention 94.2 blazin hip hop and r&b in the drop


nice track

DJ Partytyme, Birmingham, AL us