1. J. Howell - I'm Lyin' EXPLICIT
    Album: Honest
  2. J. Howell - I'm Lyin' RADIO
    Album: Honest
  3. J. Howell - I'm Lyin' INSTRUMENTAL
    Album: Honest
  4. J. Howell - I'm Lyin' ACAPELLA EXPLICIT
    Album: Honest
  5. J. Howell - I'm Lyin' ACAPELLA RADIO
    Album: Honest
  6. J. Howell - I'm Lyin' Swishahouse REMIX EXPLICIT
    Album: Honest
  7. J. Howell - I'm Lyin' Swishahouse REMIX RADIO
    Album: Honest

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J. Howell



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Song Overview

J. Howell returns with another blazing R&B single titled "I'M LYIN" produced by Swishahouse Chopped & Screwed x Teray Love & Sammy Strings. The DJ Service Pack is included for your mixing pleasure and rotation/playlist consideration.

**Bonus Swishahouse Remix Included!**

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DJ Feedback


Dj Kenni Starr, Calmont, France

Smooth, Sexy for the ladies and I will be playing this one.

DJ Johnny O, Cleveland

Love it

QUACH, Ho Chi Minh, Viet Nam

Bring Back That Real R & B.


Bring Back That Real R & B.


Bring Back That Real R & B.


Bring Back That Real R & B.


Hot joint we need drops and a interview ( when I'm on X I'm chilling with Beamerboi and DJ Big Stew

Dj big stew, New York City


Djbillblast, USA, CT USA

If you can please do a drop. Make the drop how you would like, introduce yourself and at the end of the drop. Mention Tunnel Vision radio with DJ Damo (Daymoe)

DJ Damo, St. Louis, MO USA

Tune into Fresh Sounds on Inspir3 Radio for the exclusive premiere of your song. Catch it live at 4:00 PM EST. Just visit Inspir3 Radio’s website at https://www.inspir3radio.com to join in. I would love a drop.

DJ Renaldo Creative, Greenville, NC USA

Dear Sir/Madam, I am writing to introduce myself as Jsharkz, an Open Format Club/Radio DJ from the UK. I currently host my show on LondonHottRadio every Tuesday from 3-5 PM, where I play the best unsigned music and more. Additionally, I host on XLUKRadio every Wednesday night from 10 PM-12 AM, where I play unsigned music and much more. I recently had the opportunity to view your latest promo, and I believe it would make a perfect addition to my radio show. I am confident that it will be well-received by my audience, and I would be honored to showcase your track in the clubs once I get a chance. Moreover, I can assure you that I will obtain video footage of when I play it, which will help generate a buzz on social media. In return, I kindly request that you provide me with some jingles. I can assure you that I will return the favor in kind. Thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to hearing from you soon. Best regards,

JSharkz, London, United Kingdom

Ahhh Yes, this trac has a very good feel to It! Nicely done. Anutha One! djoverideradio.com

Overide II, Vernon, FL USA

Can I get a DJ from the artist? I'll send a script

DJ Magnificent, HOUSTON, TX USA


DJ Magnificent, HOUSTON, TX USA



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Lo Lo G, Norcross, GA USA

This another Banger from him!!!

DJ YV, Peoria, IL USA

Nice track

dj chaotic, LA

Dope Vibes... J. Howell is an exceptional artist who is underrated.

DJ Ciroc Da Legend, Salisbury, MD USA


Jam Master D, Texarkana, TX USA

Will review further for servicing to our DJs

FR Live, US

Jamming Ladies will love this. The bible says people like the forbidden fruit.

Sum U Remember, Houston, TX USA

Good stuff, will spin....

Dj Gary Cannavo, Danvers, MA USA

This 🔥🔥🔥🔥 Good to see artists dropping acapellas along with instrumentals. Gotta love the SwishaHouse remix too! Salute to the og Michael Watts 🔩💜

DJ KSin, Lafayette, LA, USA


BJ Dat DJ, Waco, TX USA