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I'm Sayin


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Song Overview

If you have ever been tired of being doubted and need people to believe you are a man of your word than this is your anthem.
Booking info-email- jayomp3@gmail.com and phone number-1-845-444-4500

DJ Feedback

Sound like a solid track, beats aight, lyrics aight. But something sounds off and I don't know what it is. Maybe the hook is too repetitive?

DJ Wayne Michael, Huntsville, AL

Nice vibing track

DJ Big Boi, Panama City, FLA

something off for me

Ms Echia, KY/TN

Fair Mixtape track. I wouldn't push this as a single. Its a nice record but don't really seeing this being the break out track!

DJ QUAKE, Pensacola, FL USA

Decent record, not really a main club record, but something to play towards the end of the night.

DJ Seizure, South Florida (Tri-County), FL United States

nice track

DJ Partytyme, Birmingham, AL us

Sure to get a lot of play.

DJ Tony D, Fayetteville, NC USA


Nuveo, Sw/Se