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Song Overview

333pharaohs presents the new single by SamuelTheGreat titled "IMA STAR" produced by MalikSalim. DJ feedback greatly appreciated.

DJ Feedback


dj undispued, ma


Matty Gee, Beckley


DJV, Duquesne Pa USA


DJ Badnewz, Newport News VA USA

Hot Track

Dj Busnasty, Millsboro, Delaware


DJ Badnewz, Newport news,va usa

Hi There, First Th‌ing First, Thank You For Taking Out The Time, To Drop This Hot Banga. We Here Are MusicNonStop & Modelzentz Appreciate That, And Of Course, We Will Have Your Tracks Playing On Our Radio Show Via on Mondays, Thursdays & Sundays. We Will Tag You In Advance Before The Shows Goes Live, And Also Record Any Videos If We Drop It In The Clubs ETC. Music FIRST JINGLE 1) YOUR NAME 2) YOUR LOCATION 3) BIGGING UP JSHARKZ, DJ Redz, Sir Carlos, Modelzentz Show & MusicNonStop Show Second Jingle Your NameAn Your Location Your Now In The Mix With The Hardest Working DJ's & Host's In The Game, JSharkz, DJ Redz, MusicNonStop & Modelzentz Thrid Jingle Your Name Your Location When JSharkz, DJ Redz, MusicNonstop & Modelzentz Is In The Mix, Its Lock Down Season. Forth Jingle Your Name Your Location The Naughty Genius On The Remixes JSharkz. Fifth Jingle Your Name Your Location When The Vibes Is Right, And The Ladies Are Twerking, You Know Sir Carlos is Cutting The Mix Last Jingle Your Name Your Location Your Now Rocking With MusicNonStop Show & Modelzentz Show Blazing The Best In Unsigned Music, Representing This Generation & Beyond You Can Do Each Jingle As One Take, And We Will Cut It Up From Our side, To Save Time For Ya. And We Will Cut You Up Jingles As Well, As A Thank You, If You Need Any Help Or Assistance, Don't Hesitate To Hit Us Up.

JSharkz, London, United Kingdom


DeeJayTeeRoc352, Gainesville

Will get this in the mixx

DJ SIR JAMM ( ORIG) from DELAWARE, Wilmington, DE, USA

Fiyah out tha gate!

DJ Lil' John, Chicago IL USA


DJ Krunk, TX


melvin mackey, ma

Sure Fire

princesio, Brooklyn

Dear Artist Our Coast To Coast Staff Has Picked Your Song To Be Played Wednesday On Our Coast To Coast Wednesday Show.. You Can Catch The Show On Or Live365(Quiet Money Radio) Shoutcast(Quiet Money Radio) Listen2MyRadio(Quiet Money Radio) Coast To Coast Wednesday's Is From 6pm-8pm (Get Your Fans\Follower To Listen)

Quiet Money Radio, Starkville, MS USA


Neil Parmar, Markham

Dope track

DJ DocRan, Orangeburg, USA


dJ Rollierock, saint louis


DJ Leon Smith, Sydney, Australia


DJ EMAC, Louisville, KY USA

Dope Song!! Production is tight. Adding to rotation. Radio version would be nice to have.

VirDiKO Global Radio, DFW, TX USA