1. Lil Tjay - In My Head EXPLICIT
    Album: Coming Soon
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    Album: Coming Soon

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Lil Tjay



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Song Overview

Columbia Records presents Lil Tjay “In My Head” Available Now!!!

DJ Feedback

dope flow

Le F, Belgium

This is dope!

DJ A-Dot, Trinidad and Tobago

Dope joint!!

djseanswift@gmail.com, Ellenwood, GA, USA

Dope joint!!

djseanswift@gmail.com, Ellenwood, GA, USA

Vibing Nice...

Bushmanuk, London


DJ ILL WILL, West Palm Beach

Tjay goes hard in my city

DJCDUB, Milwaukee WI

nice im spinning

DJV, Duquesne Pa USA

i like it


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JSharkz, London, United Kingdom


King, United States


Dj Kenni Starr, France


Dj Eagle Eye, Baton Rouge, LA USA

This is a hit! It's going into rotation Can I get a radio drop from the artist?

DJ Magnificent, HOUSTON, TX USA


DJ ILL WILL, West Palm Beach

nice - Follow me on instagram @jkristyle & @jkristyleindieradio

J Kristyle, Memphis, TN USA



I Like!!

Fitzy Brown, Manchester


DJ Clint, New York

Its A Smooth Trap Track, Ill Spin This In The Mix

DJ Murdock, Indpls, In. US

will spin

dj gary cannavo, Boston