1. DaWayne ft B Knox & Lil Hook - In The Club (Explicit)
    Album: Coming Soon
  2. DaWayne ft B Knox & Lil Hook - In The Club (Radio)
    Album: Coming Soon

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DaWayne feat. B Knox & Lil Hook

In The Club


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Song Overview

"Dope club joint for strip clubs and more! Straight out of Alabama!"

DJ Feedback

Its cool, song moves kinda slow. Not a bad record, mixtape support at best

Dj HeadBussa, Tampa

took a few listens to get a feel for the record I like the hook though. And the verse with no auto tune

DJ Evryting Criss, Durham,NC

Decent record, all though it could use a better mix on it

TampaMystic, ATL

Ok record, Too much auto tune in the record kinda drowns out the record. Probably could also speed up the record a little.

DJ Seizure, Miami

Ok track needs better production like mixing... too much auto tune

Kay Black, Jacksonville Fl

Overall i believe its good track. I wasn't really feeling the autotune on the verses but thought it sounded good on the hook. Not too bad of a track!

DJ QUAKE, Pensacola, FL USA

needs to be mixed better, the delayed intro right into the vocals that are high pitched sounds off.

Kingpin, atlanta

It's good record not feeling the auto tune

djhypemancrunk, Tennessee

Nice track lot of auto-tone will see what it does at the club

DJ B-Rock, Smithland, TX USA