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Curt McGurt



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Song Overview

While most have slowed down due to the pandemic, Dallas hip-hop artist/producer Curt McGurt has been creating more than ever! Things started with "March Madness" - dropping a freestyle and video every day 31 days straight. Then he kicked off McGurt Mondays dropping a weekly visual freestyle on social media. He now plans to release his newest single "Journey" and give the people another taste of his musical capabilities. Have you ever took a Journey?

DJ Feedback

I dig it.

DJ Smithsonian, Houston, TX



ay I been down with Curt from the start. yep

Ceddy Ced, Austin/Tx/USA

Yes indeed

kj the dj, houston


DJ Badnewz, Newport News,VA


young, Crockett

This is HOTTT!! We will put this in rotation on our Online Station Yale Radiocast - We have over 24,000 listeners worldwide Please send us a drop to and contact us for an interview

D Yale, Atlanta, GA USA

Good vibe and flow!!

Dj. Moe B., Philadelphia

Nice hit Like

Dj k solo, Salisbury, MD USA

floor banger


Fiyah... Plz shoot me a Freestyle Drop the next time you're in the Lab! Just include DJ Kevy Kev in script.

DjKevyKev, DFW, TX USA

The best off song

dj cavanhas, Brazil

very good

sabrina, ny

Great vocals on this one! Feeling it, we'll play it on our station.

Ms Dynasty, Toronto, CA

vibesy will test it

dj mrb, london

this will do well on radio, get plenty of airplay

denco, birmingham

Very well done! Great track, will do well on radio!

Dj Gary Cannavo, masspooldjs, Danvers, Boston



Black World Sound Est. 1999 I promote online for 12 years

Black World Sound Est. 1999, Boston, Bronx, Providence


DJ Jammin Tee, Waynesboro, PA USA

Love the groove

DJ Sparta XXL, San Antonio TX

Fire!! I feeling this joint going on my mixtape dropping soon, need a drop send soon as you can voice memo drops accepted! #djbme

Dj BME, Plymouth, NC USA

LIT, Los Angeles, CA USA


dj undisdputed, mass

Hot Track

Dj Busnasty, Millsboro, Delaware


Rodney A Rodgers, FORT WORTH

Quiet Money Radio Will Be Adding This Song To Our Coast To Coast Wednesday Show TONIGHT At 6pm CST

Quiet Money Radio, Starkville Ms


Dj Kenni Starr, France


Sentencia Sound Sistema, Zaragoza/Aragón/España

Hot Joint Need Drops And Interview (When im in Harlem im chilling with Dj Big Stew On Beef Stew Radio

Dj Big Stew, New York


Dj. rob b rob, indianapolis,indiana USA

Love This Vibe!!!

Dj Kiddo, Dallas, TX USA

nice smooth track

DJ LW, Nashville

nice track!

MiZ, Huntington

Nice chill

DJ ANT, Clayton

average player

dj greg robinson, sheffield, United Kingdom


dj mac e, jackson, ms

Hot Track

Dj, Millsboro, Delaware

Nice hit will spin can i get that dj k solo Drop

dj k solo, Salisbury

nice guitar. good melody. nice vocals

Dj Lowpro, Groningen/Groningen/The Netherlands


Dj Worrk, Boston, Ma, Suffolk

very good

sabrina, ny


Anthony D Wilson, hyattsville

Like this vibe sounds good..

Bushman Uk, London

The flow is nice to this joint got you on the mix show!!!

DJ Sleep Ez, Chesterfield, VA USA


DJ T.O.N.Y. Talk.Of.New.York., Tampa Fl USA

radio jam

dj eros aka djEROSpower, northridge CA usa

nice vibe

DJ Blaq, landover, MD USA

nice song.

djp, london

Smooth. I like this one. Will put on next mix

ClubMaster Steele, Bronx, NY USA

this song is solid. love the word play in the lyrics and it make a lot of sense to me. beat on point and its smooth out great work on this track.. thumbs up for real

tony hollingsworth, sacramento

No audio

Derrick R Stoutamire, Upper Marlboro

Nice tracK!!!

DJ Cool Ice Water, Ft. Walton Beach, fl

good music

Outlaw Mighty Me, London


aGreatest, London,UK


waymon kirby, Austin

We Will Be Playing This TONIGHT On Our Coast To Coast Wednesday Show 6pm-8pm CST

Quiet Money Radio, Starkville Ms

Nice & smooth!

DJ LUVD, Atlanta, Ga. US

Nice will test

Dj Kato, Kissimmee, FL


Dj Dutam, Rixensart/Belgium

Black World Sound Est. 1999 I promote online for 12 years

Black World Sound Est. 1999, Boston Bronx Providence

Rockin It

DjFadal78, Canada

i'm digging the joint!

dj wayne, avondale AZ




DJ Big 6, Spartanburg, SC USA



Dope track

DJ E-MAC, Louisville, KY USA

will review further for servicing to DJs

FRP Live, US

GREAT SONG!!! Where there is smoke there is FIRE!!!

big daddie THE DJ, DFW, TX USA