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  1. King P - Slip N Slide
    Album: Coming Soon!
  2. King P - Slip N Slide [clean]
    Album: Coming Soon!

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King P

Slip N Slide


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Song Overview

Slip N Slide is a fun vibrant song about being on my grind as I quote, "We rock dem shows but they don't know, these lonely roads, make my dreams unfold!" and the first part of the hook says it all melodically: "Straight Vibin, I'm shining, we sticking and rolling...." As it is said in Jamaica, "everything irie" that's the "straight vibin" part; the "I'm shining" part is the grind coming to light and the "sticking and rolling" part is the fun juke dance style of Miami. To sum it all up, I'm having fun while on my grind! Slip N Slide has the essence of Florida, more specific, south Florida, particularly a Miami sound. While on my All or Nothing Tour in Los Angeles, California early 2020 (pre-pandemic), just listening to some beats from producer Rockomal of the rap group Suns of Atliens, he played the early stages of this beat and I loved the sound immediately. I wanted to write about LA vibes which I was able to reference a little but the music sounds, feels and is Miami.

DJ Feedback

Anutha Booty Mover. I lIke to wake the Vegas up. Nice trac!

Overide II, Vernon, FL USA

smooth heat

Dj V-Nyce, Douglas, GA USA

Excellent production and performance

DJ. LERBECK, Sacramento, CA. USA

Joint is hot, a definite Florida vibe the ladies gon' love

DJ Rolo813, Tampa, FL USA


Dj Hydish, Monroe, NC USA


mister ripper, ATL


DJ BillBlast aka Billy The Kid, Stamford, CT U.S.A.

This What I'm Vibing With. We don't just listening 2 da' muzak down here, we juke widdit!

dj slic vic, Valdosta