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    Album: Coast 2 Coast Fly
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    Album: Coast 2 Coast Fly
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    Album: Coast 2 Coast Fly

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Knock Out Body


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Song Overview

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AngreeMen Entertainment releases this sure and soon to be RADIO & CLUB favorite project entitled "Knock Out Body" by artist "Veli".

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VirDiKO, Dallas, TX, USA

works but not that great

Dilla, Calgary, Canada

getting use to.slow start.

djp, london, uk

its a cool song, but da vocals could have been a lil stronger , the production is on top with da music, and he got da rite idea on his aproch, but the voclas could be a lil stronger to keep u in da song

dj murdock, indpls in, us

The production is dope but the rap is not happening.

Dj Eddie D, Mesquite / Tx, usa

a very hot song,like it

bobby wright, moss point, United States

Hum? Not hard hitting or bomb lyrics, would have to grow on me. The beat seems a to soft for a club banger.

Kwestyon Mark, Los Angeles, USA

hey nice tune, will sound great on the radio - needs a good vid as well... any chance of a drop? anythinthing with my name on would be cool thanks robn

dj rob hardman, Lincoln, uk

i will give it a play

dj sky rocket, brittons neck sc, us

Sweet enough tune but the lyrics lack inspiration, following the current top table, rather than add some new direction. OK and will fill time on the beaches.

Neil Brown, Maidstone, UK

nice song, i like it

DJ FONDLE, saint-etienne, France


DJ MAJOR, detroit, usa



Not really my cup of tea, sorry.

DJ Marious, Germany

this is a nice ladys track and they will love this

dj murdock, indpls in, us

Thanks For The Banging Song!Can I Get A Drop For It?The Script Is Your Name-State You Rep-Song Title-To DJ HARD NARD IN THE VA.23231.Thanks Again.DJ HARD NARD IN THE VA.23231

DJ HARD NARD, Richmond Va, USA

love this track it is hot

bobby wright, moss point, United States

BANG BANG BANG POW!!!!!!!!!GOTTA GET A DROP FOR IT!The Script Is Your Name-State You Rep-Song Title-To DJ HARD NARD IN THE VA.23231..P.S

DJ HARD NARD, Richmond va, USA