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Larry Byrd


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Song Overview

street hip hop musician with clever rhymes and unique song concepts

DJ Feedback

nice track

DJ Partytyme, Birmingham, AL USA

great mixtape track

Chill Will, Valdosta Ga

Decent vibe, mixtape / mixshow song

TampaMystic, ATL

Cool record, got a mixtape vibe to it. not something for the club. hook is ok could be better, not sure if its the mix or the singing.

DJ Seizure, Miami, FL

Cool record. I like the feel of the record. Worthy of mixtape play, some club play. Well put together as far as the mix.

Tony Davis The DJ, Dothan, AL USA

Hot Track...Can I get a radio drop?

DJ CMac, Dallas, TX

Pretty good beat, raps are smooth. Something about it has replay value. I think it could be the chemistry of the elements of the track, right down to the lyrics. Very deliberately produced. Might be glossed over by some, but I dig it.

megrov, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

okay track

DJ Sammy Jammy, Miami Beach, FL USA

I have a Radio show that is on two radio stations and the re-podcasts are on iheartradio. I will get this on it. Send me a drop for full impact and interaction with your fanbase ok?



DJ Big 6, Spartanburg, SC USA