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  • Double-eff - Law of the Opposites (Clean)
  • Double-eff - Law of the Opposites (Dirty)
  • Double-eff - Law of the Opposites (Intro Dirty)
  • Double-eff - Law of the Opposites (Intro Clean)
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Law of the Opposites


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dj undispued, ma

Real hip hop

teeunique, bend Oregon


MattyGee, Beckley, WV USA


dj undispued, ma


MattyGee, Beckley, WV USA

Will play Hello artist,, need drop-- you're rocking out with a turntable grandmaster DJ SIR JAMM on WJVS RADIO. "Grown Folks Radio,,,,and your info. *****I Need clean hits to play on the station.

DJ SIR JAMM ( ORIG) from DELAWARE, Wilmington, DE, USA



What's Going On, I Just Check Out Ya Joint, And I'm Lovin The Vibes Your Bringing, I Can See Myself Dropping This On My Radio Show And Also In The Clubs And Parties Where I'm DJing, I Just Need A Little Favour From Your Side, If You Can Do Us A Few Jingles, If that's Cool With Ya, FIRST JINGLE YOUR NAME YOUR LOCATION Every Tuesday Catch JSharkz & DJRedz Live On 5-7 PM UK 12-2 PM EST For The Cutting Wavez Sessionz Every Thursday Catch JSharkz & DJRedz Live At SunSetBar from 9 PM Till 2 AM Every Friday Catch JSharkz & DJRedz At Phoenix Bar from 9 PM Till 2 AM Every Saturday Catch JSharkz & DJRedz At Hoxton Pony from 5 PM Till 2 AM SECOND JINGLE YOUR NAME YOUR LOCATION BIGGING UP ModelzEntz, MusicNonStop & HottestPartyNightz, LondonHottRadio Cutting Wavez Sessionz & Laughland Communications LAST JINGLE YOUR NAME YOUR LOCATION BIGGIhNG UP DJREDZ, JSharkz, Jon Dubaya & Daddy P Thanks For All The Love, Also, Send Us More Music ETC To Our E-mail Thanks Again Peace & Love JSharkz.

JSharkz, London, United Kingdom




jermaine smothers, WILLISTON

Dope jam

dj undispued, ma

cool jam

dj undispued, ma

Already Classic Vibez. Lyrical the rails. Grown folk listenin' rite cheer. Keep creatin' good music fam!!!!!

DJ Dub 3, Clarksville, TN


Dj DrewdaGreat, Tampa, FL, USA

ok. Will test it out.

DJ EMAC, Louisville, KY USA


Dj Sean Swift, Doraville ga