1. James TRAKZ Wade - Lotus RADIO
    Album: Trakz VA
  2. James TRAKZ Wade - Lotus EXPLICIT
    Album: Trakz VA

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James "TRAKZ" Wade



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Song Overview

James "Trakz" Wade is the Producer/Songwriter/Artist who brought you "You Are The One" currently impacting Urban/Urban AC and Rhythmic radio. Trakz plays 9 instruments & record, mix/master his music.

DJ Feedback

What's Going On, I Check Ya Joint, And I'm Lovin The Vibes Your Bringing, And Can See Myself Dropping This On My Radio Show And Also In The Clubs And Parties Where I'm DJing, I Just A Little Favour From Your Side, If You Can Do Us A Few Jingles, If Thats Cool With Ya, Also We Will Get Our Team To Do The Same As Well. FIRST JINGLE YOUR NAME YOUR LOCATION Every Tuesday Catch JSharkz & DJRedz Live On LondonHottRadio 5-7PM UK 12-2PM EST For The Cutting Wave Sessionz Playin The Best Unsigned Music. Every Thursday Catch JSharkz & DJRedz Live At SunSetBar 9PM Till 2AM Every Saturday Catch JSharkz & DJRedz, Live At MatchBox 8PM Till 12AM SECOND JINGLE 1) YOUR NAME 2) YOUR LOCATION 3) BIGGING UP HottestPartyNightz, Cutting Wave Sessionz LAST JINGLE 1) YOUR NAME 2) YOUR LOCATION 3) BIGGIhNG UP DJREDZ, JSharkz & Jon Dubaya Thanks For All The Love, Also Send Us More Music ETC To Our E-mail iam_sharkz@hotmail.com Thanks Again Peace & Love JSharkz.

JSharkz, London, United Kingdom

Nice...I will definitely spin on my radio show. Let me know if you would like an interview on my radio show called Hot Hitz Radio. All my social networks is @DamoEnt Also a drop would be good for the radio show also.

DJ Damo, St. Louis, MO USA

nice track

DJ Partytyme, Birmingham, AL us

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DJ LIPS (Gentlemens' Clubs), garland/texas/unitedstesofnorthamerica

send drops - monsterusradio@gmail.com Lets do a interview!!!

E-MONSTA, Minneapolis, Minnesota U.S.A

I have “TWO” shows, one is on NLD RADIO (TUNEIN) called "The Grind Show", and the other is on Virdiko Global Radio. In it's programming there is a segment called "The Shoutout". The concept is simple and to the point. I tag each artists single with their "ShoutOut" to give the record a more organic feel, and it also lets listeners hear the artists voice, etc plus it gives the show a live presence.... Ya dig... Drop Script: Whuts good this is (you) and when im in Atlanta im tuned into The Grind Show with dj mingo. (once you say that, you can briefly shoutout your social feeds etc) Your track will be uploaded with, and without the drop, added to our rotation, and included in our mixtape series. If you are interested here is how you get involved: http://goo.gl/pTunDp