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King Bubba ft Shaggy



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Dj Hydish, Monroe, NC USA


coxeric24@gmail.com, Hpt, VA USA

#DJApedemakRose here, WNUR FM Evanston-Chicago 89.3. May I get a drop, please? "This is (your name) and you are in "The Lion's Den Radio" with DJ Apedemak Rose." Add your own flavor from there if desired and pronunciation of DJ name is not important.

DJ Apedemak Rose, Evanston, IL USA

My boy Shaggy can still deliver.

DJ BigRed, Grand Prairie, TX USA

Love it!!

DJ BigRed, Grand Prairie, TX USA


DJ Tone, Milwaukee, WI USA

Vibes across the beat. 9/10 Drops southcoastconection@gmail.com

Daddystreets, Brighton/UK


DJ Sammy Jammy, Miami Beach, FL USA

great summertime track

djdjohnson, Denver, CO US

support this heavy, could go the distance.

DJ Zulu G, Tampa, FL USA

I have “TWO” shows, one is on NLD RADIO (TUNEIN) called "The Grind Show", and the other is on Virdiko Global Radio. In it's programming there is a segment called "The Shoutout". The concept is simple and to the point. I tag each artists single with their "ShoutOut" to give the record a more organic feel, and it also lets listeners hear the artists voice, etc plus it gives the show a live presence.... Ya dig... Drop Script: Whuts good this is (you) and when im in Atlanta im tuned into The Grind Show with dj mingo. (once you say that, you can briefly shoutout your social feeds etc) Your track will be uploaded with, and without the drop, added to our rotation, and included in our mixtape series. If you are interested here is how you get involved: http://goo.gl/pTunDp


love it .. send drops - monsterusradio@gmail.com

E-MONSTA, Minneapolis, Minnesota U.S.A