1. Michael Blackson by JLC (street)
    Album: Coming Soon
  2. Michael Blackson by JLC (clean)
    Album: Coming Soon

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Michael Blackson


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Song Overview

New single release by JLC out of the TX. One for the mixtapes and radio. Be sure to check out the videos and more!

DJ Feedback

Like the mix it’s ok

El Plaga, Memphis

Club track, catchy vibe

TampaMystic, ATL

Production dope Catchy hood Mixtape ready I can see some club spins

djgcode, greenville sc

Dope club record very catchy

djhypemancrunk, Gates Tn USA

Beats on point, hook is catchy. I can see this working in the club. got that bounce to it.

DJ Seizure, lauderhill

Fair Record Production Needs Work Chorus I'm not feeling

Bola Akinyemi, Phoenix/California

dope track send us a drop and follow us so we can let you know when we will play https://twitter.com/942blazin


ok track

DJ Partytyme, Birmingham, AL USA