1. LiL D - My People (Dirty)
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  2. LiL D - My People (Clean)
    Album: Coming Soon!

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My People


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Song Overview

The song "My People" actually came from me and my every day homeboys i hang with i wrote the song based on who i hang with outside of rap and while performing on stage.

DJ Feedback

Cool record, different. Something that'll work really well with mixtapes and the streets.

DJ Seizure, Miami/Ft Lauderdale

gave you a fair rating. only because you do sound like boosie. but at the same time, you have your own sound and style. would love to hear you on another track

dj big boi, panama city, fla

Good for the club

DJ Such N Such, Atlanta

Honestly you sound too much like Boosie. Who are YOU as an artist? Don't get me wrong, the record is dope but to a fan who really knows him, they'll think you are him. It's a good mixtape record so hmu if you're interested in mixtapes.

DJ Ms.Hypnotique, Memphis, TN/USA



sounds like boosie it will work on mixtapes need to see visual also

Chill Will, Valdosta Ga

It's sound like a bookseller record something I drop on mixtape I would like to hear more music from this artist

djhypemancrunk, Tennessee

WAYYYYY too similar to boosie and since we already have boosie, it would be hard to stand out OR it could work for you...what's going to make the biggest difference is presentation. IDK if it's a N.O. thing, but a few rappers out that area sound soooooo much alike and I'm not talking sland, even the tones. Make sure all of this artist visuals are unique so that something stands out.

Breezy Says, International

Yeah I hear the Boosie resemblance, but I'm rocking with it . Mixtape ready

Evryting Criss, Durham,NC

Good record, not sure it's a single but def something for mixtapes and the streets

TampaMystic, ATLANTA

Sound a little like Boosie, but I would like to hear your struggle story, what happens in the afterlife of the streets, give the listeners the hardships, what you are rapping about is fine, but let's start to tell the people the hardships of the afterlife. I respect you and your music, just want to help you gain more fan connection. Thanks would like to hear more.

T.U.C.K, Savannah ga

nice track

DJ Partytyme, Birmingham, AL us

This track alright

Katdaddy Marshall, Winston-Salem, NC USA

Not bad, I'll check for more.

DJ Apedemak Rose, Evanston, IL USA

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Hot track

DJ BONES, Florence, SC, USA