1. Fayn - No More Licks Ft Cuban Xantana Prod. M.Banks (Explicit)
    Album: Coming Soon
  2. Fayn - No More Licks Ft Cuban Xantana Prod. M.Banks (Clean)
    Album: Coming Soon

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No More Licks


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Song Overview

This is the 1st Single from the new Ep Desy Malu which is my birth giving name,
and is to be released in Oct. The song tells a small version of my story being
involved in the streets and trying to do better.
Contact - faynmusic@gmail.com

DJ Feedback

OK record. Sounds too much like what everyone is doing are is trying to do w/ the auto tune.

Tony Davis, Dothan

Decent song, I'm cool with the autotune because it switches the sound up which is an important factor in a song.

TampaMystic, ATL

Radio song, not to much to it, very slow

Enferno, Minneapolis, MN

Good track. I like the beat. No feeling the auto tune. Hook is dope!

MzOnPointPromo, Ocala, FL USA

Production is amazing ...It make u take notice to the song . Hook is dope .. Potential to be a single is there ... Only critique is maybe no energy on the verse ...I would like to hear more ...

CoolRunning djgcode, Greenville sc

nice hook...good mixtape track ..

Ms Echia, ky/tn

Good record its in rotation on loudmouf radio

djhypemancrunk, Gates Tn USA

Off rip, didn't like all the autotune, but after the beat drop, it grew on me. Solid record, gotta turn all the way up to stand out among others. The verses are dope as shit though, just feel like the autotune might turn folks off thinking...another autotune track. Salute though, solid effort

breezysays, brazil


DJ Rapper D, Houston

Nice Joint Going To Play Need A Drop And Interview (When I'M In Harlem I'm chilling with DJ Big Stew On Beef Stew Radio)

Dj Big Stew, NEW YORK

nice track

DJ Partytyme, Birmingham, AL USA