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  1. RogerHill Music - Nobody Knows RADIO
    Album: EP: Nobody Knows
  2. RogerHill Music - Nobody Knows INSTRUMENTAL
    Album: EP: Nobody Knows
  3. RogerHill Music - Nobody Knows ACAPELLA RADIO
    Album: EP: Nobody Knows
  4. 1. ROGERHILL MUSIC - I Will Love You (Main)
    Album: EP: Nobody Knows
  5. 2. ROGERHILL MUSIC - All The Love I Need (Main)
    Album: EP: Nobody Knows
  6. 4. ROGERHILL MUSIC - Your Heart, My Heart (Main)
    Album: EP: Nobody Knows
  7. 5. ROGERHILL MUSIC - Do What You Wanna Do (Main)
    Album: EP: Nobody Knows
  8. 6. ROGERHILL MUSIC - Come Back To Me (Main)
    Album: EP: Nobody Knows

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Nobody Knows


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Song Overview

DJ's, Enjoy the newly releasesd EP from ROGERHILL MUSIC titled "NOBODY KNOWS"!  6 Amazing R&B Tracks for your listening pleasure and playlist consideration.

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Listen to "Nobody Knows" and experience ROGERHILL MUSIC’S soulful journey through music.
Don't miss out on this captivating R&B masterpiece.

"Nobody Knows" is the latest release from ROGERHILL MUSIC,
showcasing his distinctive vocal style and heartfelt songwriting.
This soulful track delves into themes of love, vulnerability, and the complexities of human relationships.
With its memorable hooks and captivating production, "Nobody Knows" is set to captivate R&B
enthusiasts and music lovers alike.

DJ Feedback

R&B in the key of Ronald Isley, here.

Tommaso de Cillis, Trani, Italy


DJ Easy Dee, Winston Salem, NC USA

nice smooth sound

dj alvin stone, texarkana usa

blessings Rogerhill Music, every song on this Ep is a hit. smooth beats, smashing vocals, clean lyrics for the ladies to sing to. good compositions, will give them spins. hey Rogerhill Music, can you send me a drop, no swearing please. i'm dj Monk in Jamaica, West Indies. one love, more good music.

dj Monk, Jamaica, West Indies


DJ Big 6, Spartanburg, SC USA


Dj Kenni Starr, Calmont, France

Love the Acapella

kj, houston

Nice vocal work.

kj, houston


Bushman, London, FL England

What's Going On, I Check Out Ya Joint, And I Lovin The Vibes you bring, I Can See Myself Dropping This On My Radio Show And Also In The Clubs And Parties Where I'm DJing, I Need A Little Favour From Your Side, If You Can Do Us A Few Jingles, If that's Cool With Ya, FIRST JINGLE YOUR NAME YOUR LOCATION Every Wednesdays Catch JSharkz & Di Family Live On XL-UK Radio Radio For The Litty In Di City Show 9PM-11PM Representing Unsigned Music & Much More Every Thursday Catch JSharkz & DJRedz Live At SunSet Bar from 9 PM Till 2 AM Every Friday Catch JSharkz & DJRedz Live At Phoenix Bar from 9 PM Till 2:30 AM Second Jingle Your Name Your Location To Book The Hottest DJ, In And Around London Contact Him On 07443896081, Or E-mail Him On Also Follow Him On TikTok @JSharkz & Instagram On @JSharkz1 & @OfficialJSharkz1 LAST JINGLE YOUR NAME YOUR LOCATION You are Now Rocking With The Hottest Squad DJREDZ, JSharkz, Jon Dubaya, Xavr, Martin Briggs, Big Chips, Silencer Thanks For All The Love, Also, Send Us More Music ETC To Our E-mail Thanks Again Peace & Love JSharkz.

JSharkz, London, United Kingdom



now virdiko cant find my account, sent passsword reset in my email, still not able to log in, whats the problem. dj monk

dj monk, Jamaica

hello virdiko, i submitted my registration, but still not able to download any music, how come? i was able to access music for years, whats the problem now?

dj Monk, Jamaica, West Indies

blessings Mr. Hill, melancholy vocals for the ladies, thumping beat to rock to, smooth melodies, will spin this tune to #1. hey Mr. Hill, can you send me a drop, no swearing please. i'm dj Monk in Jamaica, West indies. one love, more good music.

dj Monk, Jamaica,West Indies


Dj Kenni Starr, France


KEITH, Brookhaven, MS USA


DJ Baby G., Colorado Springs, CO USA


Jam Master D, Texarkana, TX USA


DJ D-ROCC, Atlanta

good song for R&B

dj rico, Dunbar,WV

Greetings Artist I Need a drop with Dj Sir Jamm mixing on WJVS radio-Wilmington de and your shout-out. The show airs Thursdays @ 7-8pm. Respect

DJ SIR JAMM ( ORIG) from DELAWARE, Wilmington, DE, USA


DJ ''EAZY T''(E.T.), Opelousas, LA USA


Antuan E Johnson, Houston

DJ Imperial Lion Black World Sound Est. 1999, Providence, RI USA


Princesio, Brooklyn, NY USA

nice groove...refreshing r & b...and a slow jam at that! love to hear this live!

SirDrake!, Forest Hill, TX USA

nice song

Djbillblast, USA, CT USA

Quality R&B Tune. Instant Rotation.

VirDiKO Global Radio, DFW, TX


DJ Savage, Monroe, LA USA


J Kristyle, Memphis, TN USA

Excellent R&B!

DJ Wiz, Miami, FL USA


DJ Big 6, Spartanburg, SC USA

Roger has given us anutha one for the Smooth an Mellow trac that twill get ur done...Nicely done!

Overide II, Vernon, FL USA


Mysoulradio, Atlanta

I Like it

Derrick Stoutamire, Upper Marlboro


DJ FITZYB, Manchester, United Kingdom

cant download

Melvin Jordan, Seffner fl


Melvin Jordan, TAMPA Florida


Melvin Jordan, Tampa FLORIDA