1. Columbia BT ft Zilla Super - No Chill (Dirty)
    Album: N/A
  2. Columbia BT ft Zilla Super - No Chill (Clean)
    Album: N/A

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Columbia BT ft Zilla Super



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Song Overview

Columbia BT is back with a follow-up to the hugely successful "She Crazie". This time around he brings in Zilla Super for "#NoChill"...which means turned up to the max.

DJ Feedback


djike, Alexandria


DJ Dre1, Greensboro, NC USA


Dj Twingo, german


Dj Twingo, german

heading to the crates!

Dj Mist, Austin, TX USA

Im rocking with it, beat is on FIRE

DJ D.Souff, South Carolina


DJ Whizlam, Denver, CO USA


Dj Kenni Starr, France


808djrx, Honolulu / Hawaii / U.S.A.

I think this record is a good club record for BT

Dj J. Theory, Atlanta

a good mixtape track

djslytay, augusta ga usa

I look forward to adding this track to a mixtape

DJ Evryting Criss, Durham, NC