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Nothing But Clay


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Song Overview

New VirDiKO Christian music single by 22 titled "Nothing But Clay"

DJ Feedback


Lady T, Tuscaloosa, AL USA

Very inspirational I will be adding this to our Sunday rotation. It would nice to get a few radio drops.

DJ Magnificent, HOUSTON, TX USA

I love it "Nothing but Clay" Don't play

The BJRC, Memphis/Tn/US

Very nice.... how do I get station and DJ Drops?


I would like to interview you on FnF Studio Radio. I will need a bio, pic, and at least 3 songs. You stay bless. The song is HARD.

DJ F, Baltimore

I aint nutter but clay. indeed you got that right because he formed us from dirt and breathed in the nostrils and man became a living soul. love the flow, need more gospel artists here. feel free to send me a drop or 2 to djmaxx35@hotmail.com

Dj Maxx, Mississauga, Canada

banger!!! going in for jesus indeed we need more gospel artists as well here..keep going dont stop getting your vision out..want to put this on my upcoming mixtape. send drops to djbme252@gmail.com mention dj bme and bme llc and would love to set up a interview

dj bme, plymouth,nc usa

fire. send us a drop and mention 94.2 blazin hip -hop and r&b in the drop also follow us @942blazin


Nice Flow. Need to schedule an interview for http://www.power504radio.com power504radio.newmusic@gmail.com

DJ Skinny, www.Power504Radio.com, LA USA

She is actually spitting pretty hard. Like for real. Keep it up! Definitely sick with the lyrics & delivery.

Armani Valentino, Dallas, TX, USA

Hot..need drop to help push this.

MySoulRadio, Atlanta, GA

I'm kinda feeling this. She has a good message through the music. Keep Grinding


Hot.. NEED A DROP...YOUR IN THE MIX WITH DJ BULL ON POOWER94..send to shudson1229@yahoo.com THANKS

djbull, pearland tx

HOTTTT!!! send drops if you can monsterusradio@gmail.com

E-MONSTA, Minneapolis, MN

NICE, send a drop and mention hype underground in the drop with your name

KPharaoh, Burbank,CA

I would like to interview you on FnF Studio Radio. Email fnf1989@msn.com

Dj F, Baltimore

like dis..need a drop

dj barry, Fayetteville,NC

Thanks this is tight

DJ Delight, Landover


DJ Kye, New Orleans, LA USA

nice track

DJ Partytyme, Birmingham, AL us

Nice Love it!! send me more songs. Let me do a remix to it. One verse one 16. email me..

DJ HollyWood, Aiken, SC