1. PT Locgang - On Me (Explicit)
    Album: Perfect Timing
  2. PT Locgang - On Me (Radio)
    Album: Perfect Timing

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PT Locgang

On Me


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Song Overview

Chicago Creed presents PT LocGang with his latest record / video "On Me". "On Me" is a turnt up feel type record where PT Locgang lets it be known that whatever is needed....it's "On Me".

DJ Feedback


DJ P.A.T., Memphis, TN USA


Dj T,A,, JacksonMs/USA/

dope song. i'm putting it in rotation on djamzradio.com . need drops

Macksippi, Greenville, ms, usa

Dear Artist, Quiet Money Radio Will be adding your song to our Coast To Coast Playlist TONIGHT!!! You can tune in to Coast to Coast tonight from 6 p.m.- 8 p.m. CST http://player.live365.com/a87651?l www.quietmoneyradio.com

Quiet Money Radio, Starkville Ms

Fresh fire

Dj Dj Tone, Baltimore, MD USA

Banger For Sure!!!

VirDiKO Global Radio, DFW, TX USA

grooving different vibe on tip...

Dj Dredz, detroit


DJ Big 6, Spartanburg, SC USA