1. J Mason - One Day (Album)
    Album: Artistically Inclined
  2. J Mason - One Day (Radio)
    Album: Artistically Inclined

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J Mason

One Day


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Song Overview

As a child to find a passion in something, you must try different things to see what you like. As a parent you expose your children to different activities and hope they find something they are interested in.

One interest J Mason paid attention to was music, and not only did his mom support him, she became his biggest fan. The music business is an expense business, a business that requires dedication and consistency. Understanding that this also comes with struggles J Mason dedicates a song to his mom called “One Day”.

J Mason represents Tazewell, TN where he talks about how he struggled and went through different obstacles growing up, while achieving his dream. Taught to never give up by his biggest fan his mom, J Mason uses the positive energy to turn his dream to reality.

Where many artist experience parents who may not support them in the music business. J Mason has a support system that will never turn their back on him.