1. Ceiv - (Oooooooh Shyt) The One I Want
    Album: N/A
  2. Ceiv - Oooooooh Shyt) The One I Want (Clean edit)
    Album: N/A

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(Oooooooh Shyt) The One I Want


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Song Overview

New single, Ceiv - (Oooooooh Shyt) The One I Want

DJ Feedback

this one is a party dropper!!!! Oooooo sh...

DJ ROMMEL, arizona


djbillblast, Stamford


DJTEEROC, Gainesville

Ooooooooh Sh**, I gotta get a drop for this party starter...facts. That small pinch of Cameo in the beat is genius!!!!!!

DJ Dub 3, Clarksville TN

like the wave catcher fresh!

DJ Dredz, detroit